Painter Perth: The Psychology Of Colours And Their Impact On Life

Posted on June 5, 2013 · Posted in Home Improvement

Colour is a powerful tool that affects us in varied ways. Experts agree on its impact to our lives — physical and emotional levels.

Blue and every shade of blue create a calming effect. It is said to inhibit your appetite that is why Perth painter says it is useful to put a blue light in your fridge when you are on a diet. Your delicious treats may look unattractive with blue light thus; you will never want to have a bite.

On the other hand, if your walls are painted a medium blue, they may look smaller than it actually is. This is because our eyes focus is in the front of the retina.

Purple and violet are perfect choices for your bedroom, as they are relaxing colours. When you’re in a room painted with such, your imagination can be stimulated and therefore you can become creative. Perth house painters say that you are more likely to daydream when in a purple- painted room. This is the reason why artistic people like designers and musicians prefer such colours.

Green, the colour of nature, is what catches our eyes most easily because we focus on the colour green directly on the retina. Said to be the colour of home and earth, it can help minimize homesickness. Small wonder why many shipping lines use shades of such colour with their linens and sheets.

Therefore, if you have a study or library, better paint it in green as this will help you feel relaxed and focused on your reading. Apart from that, green is associated with money, hence its connection to feelings of security and stability. Further, green has been brought up to a new level with the recently escalating issues on the environment.

Yellow is a cheerful colour that is why it is often used in songs to describe happiness, joy and hope. Certainly, most people prefer sunshine or sunny days than wet or gloomy days.

Nevertheless, take note that such colour can provoke anxiety. Many mothers believe they will have crying babies when the babe’s room is in yellow. Moreover, studies also show that you can become irritable and unfriendly when you stay for longer periods in a room surrounded by yellow. Perfect remedy is to balance it out with other colours.

Red is the most vibrant and stimulating of all the colours in the spectrum. As such, it can make us feel hot. It is the warmest colour with the longest wavelength.

Restaurateurs know it’s advantageous to use red in restaurants and kitchens because it will make food look more enticing. Now, if your space can become overwhelming because of the intensity of the colour red, tone it down shades of green and blue-green. These are the very colours opposite to red on the colour wheel. Should you need to balance this combination visually, Perth painting suggests plants or any form of art.