How Room Colour Affects Your Mood

Posted on June 5, 2013 · Posted in Home Improvement

Have you ever noticed yourself having a different mood in your living and then suddenly changing entirely the moment you lock yourself inside your bedroom? No, I doubt that you have a psychological bipolar disorder; I think that the varying frame of mind has to do with the wall colours of the rooms you are in. Painter Perth

Do colours have that effect on you, or to anyone else for that matter? Yes, colours have the capacity to affect the mood and atmosphere of any room.They are equipped with deeper meaning and embody psychological distinction. Perth painters have taken notice on how most of their clients give out details and comment about a room’s colour with reference to their moods and personality.

Colours are essential in creating a meaning or story behind the design. Among the most influential colours chosen by homeowners and designers for their interior or exterior include the different shades of red, blue, yellow and green. And Painters Perth discusses the psychology behind each:

 –   Reds have that instant stimulating effect to a person’s perspective, instantaneously activating an individual’s mind and body. Commonly associated with courage and strength, bright reds are great choices for design highlights or accents. Darker, warm shades are perfect for creating intimacy in the atmosphere making red walls popular in masters bedrooms.

 –          Blue is almost everyone’s favouritecolour. You might be wondering why? Well, for one thing, the colour blue exudes brilliance and inspires thought. Shades of blue are popularly used for libraries and nurseries as well as bedrooms. Whether in dark or light tone, blue is simply soothing. And if you have relaxation and cool in mind, the calming effect of the colour is without a doubt effective.

 –       One of the most emotional shades of colour, also claimed to be one of the strongest shade psychologically, is yellow. This essentially stimulates your emotions creating a feeling of optimism, confidence, creativity and friendliness. Yellow is a perfect complement to whatever interior design concept from sunny Mediterranean, homey traditional, to sleek modern contemporary.

 –          Greens are always considered as one of the most balanced among all the othercolours. Like blues, the different shades of green help achieve a balanced and refreshed feel. Greens are popular in following nature-inspired themes.

These are just some of the most common colours that you can consider for your painting project.