Q: I want my house to look professionally painted. How do I find a good house painter and what information do I need to know?

A: Committed to customer satisfaction, Painter Perth makes sure that our staff are not just skilled and trained, but are courteous and professional in every sense. We also offer flexible scheduling and can work around hours set for minimal disruption. What you will see in our free, no- obligation quote would include the following basic information, among others:

  •     Price;
  •     Type of painting job;
  •     Start and finish date; and
  •     Name of contractor.

In any painting work for that matter, you must remember to check your chosen company’s liability insurance (and bonding if necessary). Generally, a company does not require any advance payment. If you have a bid or contract, find the following info:

  •     A list of the work to be done;
  •     How many coats for each surface;
  •     The type of paint to be used for each part of the job;
  •     The different stages in preparation work; and
  •     Supplier’s brand of paint and other materials to be used.

Q: What type of painting do you do?

A: Painter Perth is an exterior and interior painting company for homes, offices, buildings and facilities. We also do remodeling and repainting aside from industrial painting. Our processes are customized according to the specific needs and budget of homeowners or business enterprise that we work with. From the start and throughout each phase and transition, including finishing touches, we keep our clients updated of the overall progress.

Q: Do you have references?

A: Yes we do. Read about our rave reviews from satisfied customers. Click on ‘Testimonials.’

Q: Do you protect the homeowner’s property when painting?

A: Yes, Painter Perth takes responsibility and guarantees the safety of our staff, your project, your property, and even your finances.

Q: What do these terms mean– flat, high gloss, satin and even an eggshell finish? Does it really matter which finish I choose for my home?

A: These are the terms used by manufacturers to describe the shininess of their products. Every type of finish has its own characteristics so your choices matters. To define:

  •     Flat- is what you use if you want a non- reflecting appearance.
  •     High Gloss- surface imperfections will be more noticeable with this type.
  •     Satin or Silk- is somewhere in between eggshell and semi-gloss
  •     Eggshell- gives you a more lustrous appearance