Common Paint Problems and Solutions

Posted on May 20, 2013 · Posted in Home Improvement

Most of us are home-conscious, meaning we tend to look for ways for our homes to look homey, neat and accommodating for guests. We feel so much pride when friends and family who visit us express their appreciation for our humble abode. Just the same, any critical comments will be hard to take. The walls take up a good amount of space when it comes to any room, making flaws stand out.

The trusted professionals at Painter Perth share their expertise by giving some of the most wall-paint dilemmas homeowners have to face and the solutions to each problem:


These will appear as bubbles on your painted walls. The lifting and loss of adhesiveness of the paint’s film from the primary surface is what triggers the blistering mess.

  • Probable cause:

-          Blistering dilemmas often occurs when the painted surface is at point-blank with the sun’s warm/hot sunlight.

-          Another reason for this problem is when the paint is being applied over a wet or damp surface.

-          You have to be sure that when you are (or your hired painter) is certain that there’s no any form of moisture taking place on the supposed painted surface to avoid probable blistering

  • Possible remedies:

-          First and foremost, if you have taken notice of any possible chance of moisture being the main issue, you need to address the source of it. This can be easily done by installing exhaust fans and/or vents.

-          If the direction of the blistering is going with the gravity, best thing to do is to entirely get rid of the loose paint and then sand and smoothen out the surface and edge. ALWAYS allot ample drying time before applying new coat of paint.


-The loss of adhesiveness of the paint coating causes it to substrate.

  • Probable cause:

-          One of the most common predicaments that Perth painters have bumped into is peeling paint. Peeling arises due to excessive moisture from the supposed painted surface.

-          Dirty, glossy and/or wet surfaces are bad exteriors to engage painting on them.

-          The time for surface preparation was inadequate and taken for granted.

  • Possible remedies:

-          Look out for the main source of water and/or moisture to why the peeling occurred, and repair it.

-          Of course, you have the option to actually redo the painted surface that had peeled, sand the surface once more, apply the prime and choose optimum high-quality paint.


-The prominent brownish-red stains on painted surface.

* Probable cause:

- Galvanised nails are more often than not causing these rusting stains and this is due to overdoing the procedure of weathering or sanding.

* Possible remedy:

- With the use of primer, coat the rust with a primer.