4 Quick Tips for Better Painting

Posted on April 30, 2013 · Posted in Painting Tips

Painting your home can take some time and dedication on your part. In terms of time, you also have to commit yourself to planning out the procedures you’d do to be time-sufficient, and be able to see grade-A results when it comes to the work and the results. We are not all gifted with steady hands and the organizPainter Perthed nature of a good project manager. Thus Perth painters shares top tips for excellent painting finish.

The most essential thing you have to do first hand is to prepare your paint, painting brush, ladders (if needed), and cover-ups (to prevent messy aftermaths of your painting adventure). Now that you have listed and prepared the things you require for painting a room, let’s start with the basics:

Cleaning the Surface

  • In any painting job, among the most crucial phase is the cleaning part. In order to get the best results in painting, you have to thoroughly clean the surfaces with the use of TSP solution (or also known as trisodium phosphate acts not just a cleaning mediator, but also as a degreaser and stain remover.) With the help of a sponge and the TSP you will be able to prepare your wall surfaces, by stripping it from oils, dirt and grease. You are then ensured of proper paint adhesion and a smooth finish.

To sieve the paint and mix-up quality paint extender

  • What you will need for sieving or paint straining is a clean cloth; with the cloth you will be able to remove any possible marring lumps when you will apply the chosen paint to the wall surface. As soon as you have brought home the paint, this is already protocol. You can purchase paint strainers, or simply ask a female family member or friend of yours if they have an old pantyhose which they can spare.
  • Paint extenders are great since these are slow drying and provide immense assistance to prevent lapping marks (these are apparent dark and unpleasant lines).

Cutting upon a wall one at a time

  • As soon as you have the magic paint brush in your hands, resist the urge of painting the room in one-go. When you cut the painting procedure through going one wall at a time, you can be sure you’ll get exceptional end results.

Paint rollers for quicker results

  • Do you want to finish painting the walls in a fast and blunder-free way? Purchase pain rollers.From the baseboard, paint the wall from bottom to top and then just simply roll it back down in a straight line.